Special event from our friends at Portico, Portaferry!

A welcome return for The Bridge - Cuba’s most internationally acclaimed guitar duo. With astounding performances last year, Portico just had to bring them back!

Eduardo Martín and Ahmed Dickinson offer concert performances that connect, and juxtapose their different generations. Their music offers a spiritual journey with a soundtrack that is thrilling yet soothing.

Hailing from Cuba, the duo has a natural delight in the rhythms of the region. And there is no better instrument than the guitar, to convey all the melodic and rhythmic intricacies of South- America's cultural diversity.

The Bridge performs the most alluring works for two guitars by Grammy-nominated composer Eduardo Martín. Classical styles and rock merge with son montunos; old Yoruba chants, feel-good rumbas, funk- boleros, new age tunes and cinematic pieces sit alongside Cuban tumbaos with slap bass. 

"You are left with the sensation of being touched to the core by exquisitely played pieces" 


“A true pioneer” 

Classic FM Magazine

“Dickinson Cardenas' sweet, rounded tone and sensitive phrasing really come to the fore” 


This event is presented by our friends at Portico, Portaferry. For tickets, please visit Portico's website HERE

Dates and times
Portico, Portaferry

£15 (for tickets, please visit Portico website)

Getting to The Bridge: Ahmed Dickinson Cardenas and Eduardo Martin

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Portico, Portaferry

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